Who we are

We're a husband and wife team (Graham and Karen) who live, love and dream photography. We've both been fascinated by photography since we were young – both owning cameras as children and nurturing our skills over the years until we finally reached a point in our lives where we wanted to give back to the community through a creative outlet. GT Studios was officially launched in January 2016 although it seems we have always been taking photos! We both hold working with children certification.

What we do

We help girls find self - self confidence, self esteem and self love. At times of transition and change in a girls life when these qualities are at their lowest, we help make them the centre of attention, not just for the photoshoot but the full process; The planning session, the shoot and the decision process when they get to see the photos for the first time at their reveal and select session. Their well being is always at the centre of each process - whether that's to help them with confidence, help them have a fun day where they can forget about their worries, help them start or build on a model or dance portfolio or to help turn a fairytale

into a reality. We are unashamedly girly - flowers, dresses, fairytales - no horror, no violence - we want to make every girls experience with us a happy one and something they will always remember for all the right reasons!

What we're known for

We're known for spending time with our client; before, during and after their photo experience.

We're known for creating and capturing a moment that will be transformed into fine art.

We don't provide you with unedited photos, CD's or USB's of all the photos taken at your photo experience.

We are a boutique studio and we will help you at every stage of your experience. We will invest as much time and effort as it takes to ensure you are satisfied with your investment.

Let us help you plan your next photo experience. Contact us now!




1 / 5

"I highly recommend to anyone who is wanting to boost their confidence and self esteem to go to GT Studios. Their photo experience was so much fun and I felt comfortable to be myself around Graham and Karen. They are very encouraging, supportive and trustworthy; you would not be disappointed. All of GT studios events are very well thought out, planned and organised as well as fun and interactive with plenty of self-growth opportunities. Their hospitality was fantastic!"

1 / 5